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What We're About

The Book Taster is passionate about spreading the message of ‘Self Care’ for all, ensuring that everyonemakes time for themselves in this busy world that we live in.


How better to make some ‘me time’ than with a handpicked book tailored to your occasion, alongside a selection of high quality treats to create the ultimate reading experience.


Whether it is a treat for yourself or for a loved one, purchasing one of our stylish ‘Tasting Boxes’ really is the best way to ensure a little bit of ‘me time!’


Choosing from one of our three classic ‘Tasting Boxes’ – you will be selecting the perfect personalised gift for you or a loved one- breaking from the traditional gift of flowers. Delivered straight to your door, by a click of a button, you can send a thoughtful and unique gift for any book lover. Be it devouring a great book, munching on a bar of delicious handmade Creighton’s Chocolate or sipping on cup of tea; our boxes aim to provide you with the necessary elements of a great night in with a book!


Each ‘Classic Book Tasting Box’ consists of:

  • A Handpicked book selected by ‘The Book Taster’

  • Unique Tasting Card – providing tasting notes about the book to wet your appetite prior to reading

  • A personalised message to the recipient 

  • Beautifully handcrafted wooden bookmark with inspirational quote

  • A delicious 100g bar (oh yes its big!) of Cocoba Chocolate

  • Joe’s Tea Company Matchbox Tea Bags

  • A gorgeous Clovelly Soap Company Bar Soap 

  • A message to the recipient from the sender– to add that personal touch

How it Began

The Book Taster was founded by Jenna, who, whilst juggling motherhood, being a Primary School Teacher & a book worm, devouring books at a rate of knots! Jenna set up The Book Taster when she was unable to find a one-off bookish gift box for a friend who needed a little ‘pick me up’. When unable to find anything on the market, Jenna curated her own box which was warmly received. Repeating this a few times and not only enjoying the process but how the gift went down- the idea of ‘The Book Taster’ was born. 

An advocate of self-care for all, Jenna set about curating the ‘Book Tasting Boxes’ you see today, to enable others to spread the message of ‘self-care’ and have find alternative, longer lasting gift than that of sending flowers! As they say, a book is a gift you can open time and time again after all! 

Jenna runs the company from her home in the Midlands, where she own far too many books!

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